Premiere Concept-Album 2020

by Fabienne Erni


We - Fabienne Erni & Jonas Wolf - want to record the concept album of our new project. During the 8 songs no wish will go unfulfilled - hard riffs or soft ballads, there’s something for everyone!

CHF 29’723

118% of CHF 25’000

118 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

259 backers

Successfully concluded on 15/12/2019


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Thanks for the all project deliveries thus far (made my Christmas and today's delivery, the New Year too) - amazing to have the chance to back such a project xx and rock on \m/


Just a quick question. Once you will contact us about the shipping, is it possible to dedicate a goodie that contains a «personal note» to someone else despite claiming it on my name?

Thank you and congratulations on reaching your goal.

Well I love the music from fabienne and jonas in elluveitie so I think the music in this side project will be really great!

I have a feeling this will be an awesome production! Can’t wait to hear the full album!

Good Luck!

I've been listening to Fabienne amazing voice for the whole 2019. A small donation is the least I could do

Because I totally believe in the success and talent of Fabi. For sure this will be an amazing project.

Fabienne is a wonderful and talented person. Deserves to show the world her amazing voice!

This project seems really good, Fabienne has such a beautiful voice and talent, can't wait to hear for the album ! :D

Congratulations you guys! So glad I could donate since your music has been the soundtrack of the last several months of my life. I’m only a recent fan but if you’re reading this Fabi and Jonas I hope you guys stay in Eluveitie, you guys made the band much better in my opinion.

I’m following you (Eluvitie) since 2012 approx and I’m happy you will make a new project. I do not have much money, but try to help with something. Hope to see you again in leyendas del rock 2020 or in my city some day!


I listened to the new eluveitie line-up in Italy, Bologna, and I fell in love with Fabienne's voice :) I hope this small contribution can help you! good luck!!

Congrats on reaching the goal!

Juge fan of Eluveitie, i really like those two members and i'm really proud to contribute in their project

Bin gespannt, ob Tamara früher aufsteht als ich! ;-)

I join the foregoing. You will definitely succeed. You have everything for this, TALENT, DESIRE, EMOTIONS, FAN SUPPORT. :)

Well done on reaching the funding goal :) You both deserve the success that awaits.

Weil wir cool finden, dass Fabi und Jonas auch nebst Elu musikalisch aktiv sind und ihre Visionen verwirklichen.

Hi Michelangelo
The show will be in april or may in Zurich. Hope I could help you with that and many thanks for your support!

Hi Fabienne,
Sorry for the inconvenience but I have a question: your show for the release of your album when there will be approximately ( May-June)? and where ( or you will make a tour)? thank you so much for your attention and good luck for the project.🤘

Hi Christiaan

The Album - as per offer in the goodie - is an album :)

Is the album a cd or a vinyl?