We are a young and motivated band that wants to release its debut album. During an exciting and eventful summer with various live shows, new melodies and texts were born, which have been recorded in the studio. To finish the album, we need your help.

What it’s all about

Me, Valentin & You moves neatly between different musical genres. Like this, just now a debut album is being created in the studio, into which influences of indie rock, indie pop, pop, folk and progressive pop are woven.

After many solo gigs, an equally talented band has formed around singer Valentin that understands how to trigger goose bumps by combining Valentin’s soulful voice with the band’s harmonious sounds. Still, we are looking for the home of our music – doing so, we embark on a thrilling journey of exploration and absorb the various influences.

Where you come in

Recording an album in the quality we desire brings about considerable effort and expenses. The total costs for production, mastering, artwork and external musicians (cellist, winds) are estimated at CHF 25’000 minimum. Thereof, we ourselves have already financed a large part. So as to get together the remaining amount, we need supporters who like our music and help us make this dream of ours come true. As a sign of appreciation, sweet goodies are up for grabs!

For photos and sound samples visit us on www.mevalentinandyou.ch or www.facebook.com/mevalentinandyou.

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