What's the fuzz all about?

Hello dear friends, fans and supporter of this band!

Now we want to give you and your ears something back. We are just one step apart from recording in a professional studio.

After performing our originals for over three years now, we are finally ready to go into a swiss recording studio and bring our five best songs on CD, Spotify, Apple Music etc.

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Why do we have to do this?

Well, music is just the biggest thing in our life. All we think of taking with us for a weekend trip is our guitars and tooth brushes. Long story short, we are much more than just a band. We are family, best friends and last but not least, all related. We definitely spend days and nights together, so in order to take the next step, we need to hit the studio now!


How do you support us?

We make music but don’t have the equipment or knowledge to record a live band like us. So we searched somebody who has it. To use his studio equipment and assistance, we need your financial support. As well we’d love to print and sell CD’s.

If you would like to have more detailed information or other sponsoring options, contact us for the project documents via mail!

In love,

SEVN o’clock

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