DIDI TEXTILES REWARDS NOW AT YOUR DOORSTEP!By Studio Anna Heringer, Veronika Lena Lang & DIPSHIKHA, on 9/11/2018 10:38


Dear didi-donators,

The crowdfunding shipment have been successfully completed and we hope you are happy with your reward!

If you haven’t received it in the following weeks or your reward doesn’t fit to you, you can get in touch with us and we will make the necessary.

We invite you to follow our newsletter through www.diditextiles.com to keep receiving news about the project and to don’t miss your next chance to get a didi textiles!

Thank you for your generosity,

Your Didis

Didi Textiles next activitiesBy Studio Anna Heringer, Veronika Lena Lang & DIPSHIKHA, on 3/9/2018 17:13


Dearest didi-backers,

It’s time to bring you some news and share with you Didi Textiles next activities!

September-March: Nartaki disabilities center & tailoring building construction

September-October: Didi Textiles crowdfunding production in Rudrapur

By the end of October: Shipment of Didi Textiles (you will get your reward!!)

November: Dismantling of La Biennale of Architecture 2018 (Last chance to visit Didi Textiles exhibition in Venice!)

December: Installation & Pop Up store in Munich at the Architekturgalerie

We hope you had a wonderful summer.

Many many thanks for your support,

Your didis

Dear Didi Textiles,

sounds like a success-story. Thank you for sharing. Looking very much forward to vist your Pop up Store in Munich.

Regards from Bavaria/ Germany
Heidi Gutschmidt

HEAVY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!By Studio Anna Heringer, Veronika Lena Lang & DIPSHIKHA, on 17/7/2018 12:26

¯\_(ツ)_/¯Oops, video was removed by project initiator.

Dear backers,

Didi Textiles crowdfunding is now over: with 148% of funds pledged! Heavy thanks to all of you!!!!

Our didis were partying the news at the tea store and they are ready now to start! Products will hopefully be ready by September and shipped until the end October.

For the new tailoring building, mud is already collected on site and the construction will start on September. It will open its doors on May 2019 fully equipped with two news workplaces, solar panels and one overlock sewing machine.

Also thanks to you, Didi Textiles will be exhibited and available in some galleries around the world – next stop Munich December 2018.

With love,

Your Didis

WE DIDI DID IT! By Studio Anna Heringer, Veronika Lena Lang & DIPSHIKHA, on 29/6/2018 10:02


We reached our first goal!

Thank you so much to every backer, we are so HAPPY! It would have been impossible without your support!

After the rainy season your shirts, pillows and bags will be in our didis hands fulfilling their living. We’ll count with a new Didi to join a fully equipped workplace in the new building and an overlocking sewing machine - THANKS

Now the FINAL SPRINT, just 15 days left to keep raising funds in order to provide overlocking sewing machines, solar panels and the production of a new collection of Didi Textiles.

Spread the news!!!

Troubles choosing your Didi Shirt size? Check the table below!By Studio Anna Heringer, Veronika Lena Lang & DIPSHIKHA, on 21/6/2018 13:51


For those who have already ordered and want to change the size, please contact us at office@anna-heringer.com

The expected delivery of the shirts is November 2018.

Many many thanks to all backers, we have now reached 60% of our target.

We have 23 days to go to reach our goal, so please continue to share with your friends and family!

Thank you for your continued support,

Your Didis