«Durch die Nacht» tells the story of Alex, a college student, and his journey through the night in Zurich.

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The story

«Durch die Nacht» tells the story of Alex, a student who is forced to spend Saturday night wandering the streets of Zurich. An odyssey begins during which Alex meets various figures of the night.

It is our goal to display this odyssey with all its various factes: entertaining, comic, absurd, sometimes depressing, even frustrating, but always full of surprises

The project

«Durch die Nacht» is the first Feature Film by Antagonist Pictures, a group of young filmmakers from Zurich, Switzerland. Pre-production started in Summer 2013 after the completion of the screenplay by Andreas Elsener. The first castings took place in November followed by a second run in January. The main cast and crew is now almost complete.

Your support

«Durch die Nacht» is a low budget project, cast and crew work without pay.

Nevertheless, you need money to make a movie. Money for permits for shooting, for camera equipment, sound equipment and light equipment, for catering, for location renting and to pay travelling costs.

And that’s why we need your support! Help us to realize «Durch die Nacht» and to bring Alex’ odyssey through night-time Zurich into movie theaters.

The goal

If we reach our goal and financing is provided, shooting starts in August 2014. The film is set to be released in late summer 2015 and is planned to be shown in movie theaters and at various film festivals.



  • Andreas Elsener (Director / Screenplay )
  • Martin Wey (D.O.P. / Post-Production)
  • Joel Franz (1st Assistant Director)
  • Silvio Buchmeier (Music / Sound Director)
  • Annina Schäubli (Costume Design / Artworks)
  • Dario Spilimbergo (Production Manager)
  • David Syrbe (2nd Assistant Director)
  • Denise Schuler (Makeup Artist)
  • Salome Jermann (Production Design)
  • Lou Goetzmann (Camera Assistant)
  • David Simon (Web)
  • Anaïs Voirol (Storyboard)
  • Eliane Schädler (Storyboard)
  • Fabio Locher (Sponsoring / PR)


If you have questions regarding the project or any of the rewards, please send us an email at: kontakt@durchdienacht-derfilm.ch