Emilia Anastazja Debutalbum

I’ve been writing songs for almost 10 years now and i’m finally going to record my first album! I’ve found some amazing musicians to join me and help my songs sound as amazing as I have always imagined them to. So!!! We’re soon going to the studio to record eleven of my songs. We’re doing everything on our own and we still need some help to finance the studio, a professional mix of the album and the mastering afterwards. If you like the music and want to support us, we would be more than thankful and I’ll reward you with some amazing things you’ll find on this crowdfunding page. Thank you very very much for joining us and helping our music to evolve. Soon you’ll be able to see and hear everything come together, more than 10 years of writing. The songs are all finished, the studio is booked. It’s the start for a brand new chapter for us! Here we go!

New Chapter

I’ve been making music since I was a kid and I have always have build my life around music. After completing my bachelor degree from Swiss jazz school bern, I’ve started my band Emilia Anastazja, in which I could realise my songs for the first time with a band. Those, who have joined my band, help me finally realise my songs like i always imagined them to sound. We have created amazing music together, that we really believe in and finally feel like our music is ready to take off. I’ve decided to launch this Wemakeit campaign because as artist, one has never enough financial backing, and sometimes even struggles to finance the everyday living. Also, i really like the idea of crowdfunding, because i can include you in the process of something that is being created for you anyways. And even with a very small amount you can help me. Every Penny counts!

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This is what we need backing for

  • The costs of the studio, including the production costs, the renting of the studio, the sallary for the engineer Luc Montini and the amazing equipment of Onedrop Studio in Basel that we can all use.

  • The mixing and the mastering of the album

With the help and backing from swiss foundations we can finance:

  • Graphik-ConzeptCD/Vinyl/Website/Photographer
  • The artwork
  • Video Team for our first music video
  • CD Pressing
  • Vinyl Pressing
  • Materials for the supporter box


  • Emilia Anastazja is singing and playing the electric guitar
  • Daniel Messina is playing a godin guitar and singing backing vocals
  • James Krüttli is playing the electric bass and singing backing vocals
  • Mathieu Friz is playing the rhodes, synthesizers
  • Florian Haas is playing the drums and drum pads

The Music of Singer and guitar player Emilia Anastazja leads you through balmy and soothing sounds with a voice and style uniquely her own; firmly grounded grooves and beats mixed with a sensitivity to her approach, creating music that is a blend of simple, yet captivating energy. Soul, RnB, Jazz, Electronica and Folk blended together as one.

In return for your help there are some really exiting giveaways and send outs like: pre ordering the album and vinyl; having the original band for yourself and your friends for an intimate concert; having lunch with me at my place and listening to the unreleased tracks before everyone else, and many more, just take a look to the right on this page.

Every contribution, no matter how small, helps us come closer to our dream. Thank you so much for helping and believing in me! Merci!

Xx Emilia

Don’t hesitate to ask me anything you want to know about my project and the band: info@emiliaanastazja.com Follow me on instagram you’ll be able to see and hear everything come together, from planning to rehearsal to recording to mixing – right up to the photo shoot and design of the artwork! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emiliaanastazja

Here is a live session that we recorded in the beautiful mountains of Champery. First song: This Time Second song: Feed You