Support quality education for children

Take action to empower 200 students by providing them with access to children-library, solar panels and laptops in a school located in Dolpa district in Nepal.

BOOKS FOR CHANGE is a registered non-profit organisation based in Lucerne, Switzerland. We envision a world where all children can receive quality education that enables them to reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the world.

Why do we focus on libraries and education programs?

USAID report estimates that 34% of second graders in the age group of 7-8 years and 19% of third graders in the age group of 9-10 years cannot not read a single word of Nepali.

Since 2016, we have been supporting the schools with libraries, teacher training and scholarships for girls. We have completed 18 libraries and reached 6400 students in Nepal and India.

Increasing access to education services in rural areas can help unlock the potential of these regions, giving residents more tools to fight poverty and aspire to a better quality of life.

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Why do we need your support?

With your support, we will invest in Shree Prakash Basic school with child-friendly library, solar panels, and 20 laptops. The school is located in Dolpa district, Nepal. It will take two days to reach the school from the capital city, Kathmandu but we are ready to reach the school because it is in these rural regions, our work will create the maximum impact.

200 students will benefit from a wide selection of books and resource materials. The books will improve reading habits among children. Installing solar panels in the school will enable the school to run on solar energy while at the same time combatting greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. It will promote renewable energy use in the rural community. With the laptops, the students will learn basic IT and computer skills. Furthermore, they will have access to digital education. This holistic approach will allow students to access quality education, increasing literacy rates in the community.

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What is special about BOOKS FOR CHANGE?

Our team comprises of people who are passionate about providing access to quality education. Taking the best practices from our diverse disciplines, we live our values by improving the lives of the children.

  1. We stand with the values of transparency, accountability, and sustainability of the programs.
  2. We believe in impact driven results and in the long-term commitment to the schools and the communities that we work.
  3. Our education programs are supported by the local community and 10% of the total project cost is covered by the local governments, community and partner- schools. This leads to sustainable and long-term impact of our projects.
  4. Our team has the capacity, expertise, experience and dedication to meet the goals.

Thanks to you…. we wish to make available the following in the school:

  1. Books for the library
  2. Education and learning kits (stationery, legos, puzzles, board games..) in the school.
  3. Child-friendly design furniture for the library and computer room.
  4. Mural painting in the library by the local artists and fresh paint in the school.
  5. Solar PV model
  6. Solar Tubular Battery
  7. 5KVA Stabilizer for the Solar project
  8. Solar support structure
  9. 20 laptops
  10. Projector
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