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What is this project about?

Me, Elin Engdahl, am originally from Sweden and I have been singing for as long as I can remember. Writing, such as poems and novels, has also always been of big importance to me. However I’ve just recently started to write music but quickly realized how much I loved the creative process of it.

In april 2017 I made my first recording with Sophie Records of my song Shell, which will be released in august 2017, and featured on the EP-album «Embers».

An EP (Extended Play) usually consists of 4-5 songs, and is often used as a possibility to promote yourself as an artist, which naturally is my goal.

The song Desolate, which you can listen to in the link below, will also be featured on the EP, however in a slightly different version. This song is written by me and my father, Jan-Olof Engdahl. My goal with Embers is to hopefully be able to show the diversity of me as a singer and as a songwriter.

My lyrics all have in common that they deal with issues that we all face throughout life. Love, unsecurities, heartbreak, injustices, blissfull moments… stories about life itself.

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Why should you support this project?

My aim is to be able to make my passion audible to others, to come out of my shell and to hopefully touch others emotionally with my voice and lyrics. This project would contribute in financing the recording, mixing and mastering of Embers at Sophie Records in Bern. In addition a small part of the amount will be used to make a music video for one song from Embers. If the project would be overfunded, the excess money would be used for promotional purposes, due to the fact that I am an unknown artist trying to make my way and to stand out amongst many other truly brilliant and remarkable artists.

I really hope that you would like to hear my songs and to participate in realizing my dreams and my passion. Without you this EP wouldn’t be possible!

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To show my gratitude I will offer various rewards for my backers -everything from signed copies of Embers to private, acoustic concerts. After the finalization of Embers, hopefully in the beginning of winter 2017, you will recieve what you’ve wished for within 3-4 months.

Rest assured that I’ll give my all to make your contributions worthwhile!

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