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«Le GMA»

It has been 35 years since the GMA, previously known as the ASCA, organize every 4 years an mountaineering expedition. After almost 3 years of preparation in the Alps, our project aims for us, a group of youngsters aged 14 to 20, to go mountaineering and climbing during a whole month.

Travel to climb or climb to travel?

Travelling is the occasion for us to intensely live our passion of mountaineering and climbing. Obviously, climbing untouched facades in an incredible setting would be an amazing experience and would give us unforgettable memories.

Here’s a little presentation of the last expedition and the sort of project we are leaning towards.

The Expedition

Our project is to go exploring the Kirghiz mountains. This month long journey that will happen during the 2016 summer aims for us to go mountaineering and climbing in the mountain range of Tian Shan, just next to China.

As you may imagine, an expedition takes a lot of organization. After 3 years of outings and training, we started looking more into the possibilities that Kyrgyzstan offers.

Since, we’ve narrowed our research down to 3 valleys, confirmed our departure and return dates, contacted residents from Kyrgyzstan and pre booked an equipment delivery. Now we’re left with having to find a budget, and to do so, we need YOU!

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Film Project

Wanting to present our expedition and share the hopefully breathtaking images we will take, a little short-movie of about 10 minutes will be shot on the spot.