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Publishing, art, and Literature

春の軌跡 Haru no kiseki

Edition of travel diaries in Japan, combining story and illustration of a spring adventure on the island of Shikoku. 1200 km on foot to tell the mood of the day and draw my daily life as a pilgrim.
by Boiseaubert Marie, Bâle
83% funded
EUR 4’605 pledged
5 days to go
Kids / Youth, Technology, and Education


The school situation in Congo (DRC) has visibly deteriorated due to the pandemic. Thank you for your help to make this digital learning platform accessible to students!
by Zusammen für Afrika - Annie Mwila Tambwe, Basel
34% funded
CHF 5’120 pledged
5 days to go
Community, Environment, and Education

Accélérons la Transition

Nous inspirons, soutenons et accompagnons la Transition vers un monde juste, résilient et durable. Nous souhaitons accélérer le changement pour que la Suisse honore ses engagements climatiques.
by Réseau Transition Suisse Romande, Bienne
53% funded
CHF 16’198 pledged
4 days to go
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Troll Waldkinder

Support us to continue Troll Waldkinder! We want to expand the our care offering - for a better compatibility of family and work. We are replacing old material to be up to date.
by Trollwaldkinder, Zürich
116% funded
CHF 35’080 pledged
33 hours to go
Food, Startup, and Environment


At Pasta Paloma we are convinced that you are what you eat. Support us in the production of biodynamic pasta in Switzerland. Without any chemical-synthetic pesticides or additives.
by Ivo, Zürich
111% funded
CHF 16’785 pledged
34 hours to go
Music, Performing arts, and Art

TrioColores & Avner Dorman

With the commission of a new Triple Concerto by the American-Israeli composer Avner Dorman, the TrioColores would like to fulfill a dream they have been striving for a long time.
by TrioColores, Zürich
104% funded
CHF 18’320 pledged
4 days to go

Beyond Dystopia

Beyond Dystopia bringen ihr erstes Album heraus! Um das Werk ordentlich präsentieren zu können, sind wir auf eure Unterstützung angewiesen!
by Samuel Fischer, Interlaken and Thun
68% funded
CHF 5’150 pledged
5 days to go
Food, Startup, and Community


Up to date! The Schnaps of the Brunschwiler distillery are MODERN. AS DIVERSE AS YOUR LIFE. 100% Swiss. Support our mission #makeschnapsgreatagain.
by brennerei_brunschwiler, Oberuzwil and Zürich
107% funded
CHF 8’570 pledged
5 days to go
Comics and Literature

La Révolution des Fourmis

La Révolution des Fourmis, c’est un projet créatif et local : une première publication en tant qu’auteur pour Krel et une première édition pour Pé Et pour cela, on a besoin de votre aide.
by Pé and Krel, Lausanne
103% funded
CHF 20’785 pledged
11 hours to go
Photography and Publishing

Der Alpstein

«Schon wieder ein Berg­buch mag manch­er denken. Oh, Nein…» Was der Fotograf Thomas Biasotto nun präsentiert, ist ein wahres fotografisches Meisterwerk von und für seine Heimat, DER ALPSTEIN.
by Thomas, Appenzell
114% funded
CHF 13’706 pledged
33 hours to go

EL MIZAN – Harba (1er Album)

El Mizan puise dans ce grand brassage méditerranéen des sonorités noires, du rock qui exulte aux harmonies vocales élégantes, entonnées en darija, le dialecte transversal du Maghreb.
by EL MIZAN, Suisse and Lausanne
97% funded
CHF 9’724 pledged
3 days to go

Lektorat eines Fantasyromans

Ich brauche Hilfe bei der Finanzierung des Lektorats meines Herzensprojekts «Elba und die Sternenwale». Ein Urban Fantasy mit Handlung im heutigen Schottland.
by Autorin Chantal König, Rülzheim
17% funded
EUR 264 pledged
3 days to go