every Child has right to see Basel from above.

Flying is something very interesting for almost every child. however, to raise up in the sky, you need a lot of organisation as well as finance resources. My project aimed to achieve the PPL-licence, which will allow me to fly a machine with 4 places in non-commercial way. So when I finish the concerned education and training I will take Children (with parents) over our lovely city and countryside of Basel. It is a nice dream and I am ready to give my valuable time for this project. I will do the theoretical part within 6 Months and during max. one year I will finish the practical part. I want to start with the theoretical part already on 02.02.2018 and I will appreciate any help and support.

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My project is special because ...

This project is just unique because I want to give happiness and freedom feeling. I want to let dreams of children come true. I want to draw a rainbow memories in that small heads and help the parents to make the wishes of their Kids true, including my one son!

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This is what I need backing for.

The PPL-Licence is so expensive. Your donation will be spend for the education and training. I will attend the curse of PPL at Flugschule Basel AG. The curse costs 21660 CHF. This kind of licence do not allow my to get money for flying. So I will later fly only to give happiness to the children.

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