Achievement of a second festival edition

Following a first edition that has generated enthusiasm and after the wait of many festival-goers, we want to reiterate this festival to recreate the fabulous atmosphere that released last year. We want to offer a quality musical selection and a show worthy of the best … All the returns are green: the festival-goers, the volunteers, the bands, the authorities, the Label Fiesta… We received so many congratulations concerning the atmosphere, the organization, the quality of the bands supported by a sound system and a lightshow of excellence… So why not continue our adventure and be able to offer you many more memorable moments!

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A unique concept in Switzerland

The concept is to gather on the poster the biggest names of rock / metal which are interpreted by a selection of the best European bands imitating interpretation, musical repertoire, scenic game, looks … for an almost identical reproduction.

This concept is gaining extent around the world as many legendary bands no longer exist or are in decline. England, the Netherlands, Belgium and France are full of tribute band festivals.

We wanted to stand out and make it a quality festival by selecting the best European bands. Some are alike officially recognized by the real ones; others are so popular that they play all year with dates in every corner of the globe.

The bands we select are all professionals who reproduce the rock legends’ concerts in such a way that we would believe it.

In addition, we choose an infrastructure (stage, light show and sound) worthy of festivals recognized in Switzerland to present an outstanding service.

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We need a little helping hand

Yes the first edition, that of 2017, was a great success … But as it was the first, it would have been necessary a colossal budget to finance a campaign to make itself known. We did the best we could and we still had a lot of happy festival-goers. However we did not have enough people to finance all the necessary expenses to arrive at an excellent quality of the festivities. This funding would allow us to evive a second serene edition, ensure a more in-depth campaign and, thus, gather more people to cover all our expenses based on our experience of 2017.

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