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Support a teacher fighting for what's right!

Nina lost her substitute teaching job, her main source income, because she is a visible feminist and queer activist trying to make the Geneva underground scene better, dedicated to true inclusivity for all.

The issue started when she was harassed, insulted and even spit at by students at a school where she was substitute teaching. But she didn’t shut up and take it. She reported it to the school administration, which did little to provide support to her. Then, as a result, her teaching license was revoked by the Geneva Department of Public Instruction. The full story is, of course, more complex and you can read about here in FR (https://bonpourlatete.com/actuel/agressee-une-prof-est-renvoyee-et-interdite-d-enseigner) or here in ENG (https://www.facebook.com/theinnerearevents/notes). However, the moral of the story is clear: don’t dare try to be a queer, feminist role model for kids or you’ll be sacked!

Nina is currently petitioning to have her teaching license reinstated so she can go back to work. (You can sign the petition here: http://chng.it/HWMLhmxbBS .) But in the meantime, she has been cut off from her main source of revenue! That’s why she needs the financial support of the Geneva underground community.


Why do we care?

We at The Inner Ear Events have worked with Nina as a performing artist on many events. We admire her artistry, her dedication to the Geneva underground scene in which we also work, and her courageous commitment to women’s empowerment and LGBTQUI+ causes. We especially appreciate her standing up for what is right in the education of Geneva’s youth. We find the action of the DPI completely unjust and are frightened at the prospect of a Geneva public body (paid for with Genevans taxes) sanctioning an artist in this way. We don’t think her decision to speak up about harassment means she should lose income.


Why should you care?

You can probably agree that it is ridiculous for someone to lose their job over their art. Maybe you’ve danced at one of Nina’s parties or walked with her on one of the anti-slut-shaming marches. Maybe you just liked the FB page of GeneVegas from afar. But whoever you are, you have benefitted from the freer, more representative and more equal Geneva that Nina has fought to construct.

Join with us and contribute whatever you can. No amount is too small. All proceeds will be contributed to Nina to help support her as she fights to be reinstated as a substitute teacher.

* Nina has not requested in any way this support.*