FROZEN EDUCATION is an art exhibition on the topic of education. Taking Greece as the case study, it intends to create a laboratory for exploring pedagogy and cultivating ideas.

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An art exhibition on education @ Kaskadenkondensator/ Basel 13.-27.October 2018

Do you believe that education has the power to change our world and make it a better place? So do I… and I am not the only one!

In collaboration with the artist collective Dr. Kuckucks Labrador, we organize this art exhibition, which intends to transform the Kaskadenkondensator space into a working laboratory for exploring pedagogy and cultivating viewpoints and ideas.

A diverse group of artists, thinkers, writers and musicians, living in Greece, Switzerland and abroad, reflect on the past and reveal the present of the Greek educational system throughout the recent decades. Furthermore, they speculate on the future of education as a process for shaping humanity and investigate the effect of the arts - visual art, poetry, music and others - as an operational tool and platform for groundbreaking pedagogy.

Education embraces a variety of different facets of our society, starting from our family, expanding to the schools we attend and reaching to our expanded social networks. Education undoubtedly shapes the future of this world and might provide key answers to issues concerning our current communal, political and psychological states.

Participanting artists: Dimitra Charamandas, Maria Glyka, Panos Chasapis, Aspasia Krystalla, Dimitris Rentoumis, Kathrin Siegrist, Tassos Tataroglou, Vassilis Vlastaras, Adonis Volanakis, Yota Tsotra

With an installation exhibiting rare material from the archive of the Xeniseum, Museum of Education, P.D.T.E. University of Crete, under the supervision of Prof. Anthony Hourdakis und Dr. Kostas Christidis.

Opening: Saturday 13.October at 19:00

Satellite events of the exhibition:

  • Workshops organized in collaboration with the Art Institute (IKU) and the Institute of Art and Design Education (LGK) of the HGK/FHNW in Basel
  • Poetry night on the 14th of October with Panos Chasapis and guests
  • Experimental music performance on the 27th of October with Tassos Tataroglou and guests

This art exhibition is special because ...

it intends to become something more than a container for visual culture, but to act as an important catalyst for self-reflection and public debate. Moreover, we hope that it will be the first step towards a more systematic exchange and dialogue between artists in Greece and in Switzerland.

We need still backing for

  • Artists accommodation
  • Exhibition booklet with critical texts on education and presentation of the artists
  • Exhibition supervision
  • Equipment Rental
  • Material support of the events

Thank you in advance for your support and we are looking forward to seeing you at FROZEN EDUCATION!

Video: -Photo: Greek classroom in 1961