Furhammer Debut Album

After many concerts and hours of practicing we are now ready for our first album. Started as a coverband band we soon began to write our own songs. The feedback from our fans was great so we decided to go for our debut album. We are super excited about it.



We are from Zurich, Switzerland and we love to play the blues. Since a few years we passionately play together. The most important thing for us was always fun, energy and the quality of our music. The name Furhammer (a furry hammer) stands for power energy and the feel of the music. We definitely put all our effort into the blues and into Furhammer as a band.

What exactly are we doing???

The band and the music is ready and we would like to record at the studio Soundfarm (check link below) in Kriens, Lucerne where Marco Jencarelli, owner of the studio, guitarist and bandleader of Philipp Fankhauser will record us. The whole process will take approx. 10 days and the album will be mastered by Marco directly. Of course we will need a booklet and the actually CD production and we’re done.

But why the heck do we need an Album?

After the great feedback we got during our concerts we really want to put our music out there and get Furhammer going. Here are some reasons:

  • To give our band a musical direction and concretization of our music
  • To give us a reference and eventually give us more gigs and fans
  • As a proof of work and a thank you to all our great fans and listeners.

Of course im helping out...whats the next step?

Everything is ready to go and of course there is a huge cost in producing an album. After all we want a high quality product out in the market. There are different ways to support us. Obviously you can buy an album but of course we thought of other great goodies, such as a personally written song just for you or a booking for your next grill grillparty. We believe that you will find something. We listed the the whole process below so you get an idea of how the costs are split:

  • Recording at the studio with a professional sound engineer (Approx. 10 days)
  • Several days of mixing and mastering
  • Actual printing of the CD
  • Miscellaneous stuff like food, instrument rent during recording phase

The total production cost will be around 14’000 dollars. We set a goal of 8’000 that will cover the studio and technician. If we get more we can maybe payoff the whole studio cost or even better the whole project.