Gargoyle Terminus

by Sara Buncic


Contemporary dance piece that calls for air, desire, and smile. To stop not to breath, not to make noise, not to... to do.

CHF 1’590

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Successfully concluded on 4/12/2015

Gargoyle Terminus

Gargoyle Terminus is a contemporary dance piece that takes inspiration from the suffocating solitude I felt one day in an overcrowded metro in Lausanne. No one would talk, or move, or breath and not a look would cross another one. We were all statues: yes, me too. I started looking for a smile, trying to reach a contact: worthless! I felt like the cartoon «Gargoyles», story of creatures made of stone who becomes alive during the night and turn back to stone during the day to heal their wounds. Gargoyle is for me the call for air, desire and smile. Terminus, the twilight arrives and the « Gargoyles » of this nerve racking metro, come suddenly to life.

Why do I need you

With this amount of money I would be able to rent a dance studio and cover the costs of the travel and the accommodation during the showcase at the «Dance Theater of Ireland» on December 6th. If with your help I will receive more than 1500CHF, the rest will support the future development of my piece.

Thank you!

Thank you very much for the attention, support.
Thank you for breathing and smiling… always :)