Support the Wizards @ Worlds!

Ultimate frisbee… Mixed, no contact, self-refereed. Rule #1: the Spirit of the Game… Technical, tactical, physical… Fun. We love it.

The Wizards are the ultimate frisbee club in Geneva, Switzerland. Since 1984! We run Open, Mixed, Women’s (with our friends from Lausanne) and Juniors teams. 12 months a year, come rain or shine.

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My project is special because ...

2018 is different. 2018 is big. The WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships brings together 3000+ players from around the world. We have qualified for a place in the Mixed division. Women and men on the same team. Living the original spirit of the game.

48 clubs will compete in the Mixed division for one week. Two 90-minute matchs per day. 23 guys and girls on our roster. Already training, throwing, planning, working together. To be ready, to be part of it.

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This is what I need backing for.

Who pays? We pay. The club, but mostly the players. Total budget is estimated at CHF 57,000.

** Budget for participation of Geneva Wizards and World ultimate club championships. 23 players, 8 nights (14-21 July 2018) **

Registration (team fees and player fees): CHF 12,500

Travel Geneva-Cincinnati: CHF 20,000

Accommodation Cincinnati: CHF 7,500

Living costs Cincinnati (local transport, food etc): CHF 5,000

Preparation tournament (Windmill, Amsterdam): CHF 8,000

Other costs (material, physical trainer, etc): CHF 4,000

We’re seeking your support to help cover a fraction of the costs. So we can focus on why we’re there. To compete.

Thank you.

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