Glaston’s Debut Album

by glastonmusic


Dreamy and experimental sounds combine to make music like no other – join us in making glaston’s debut album a reality.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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glaston’s debut album

Hailing from Zurich and Basel, we are an experimental post rock band creating a new sound. Our unique music is completely instrumental, and instead of vocals our piano, bass, guitar and drums pass the spotlight around. We bring our listeners on a journey with us, exploring uncharted soundscapes and giving new perspectives on modern classical progressions. Our last 2 years together as a band have been spent pouring our heart and soul into perfecting every bar of the debut album we are currently recording – all of our hard work has culminated into this album – it is composed of nine songs with a total play time of about 60 minutes. Our final obstacle is a financial one, as we have been able to fund most of the album out of our own pockets (like the entire recording session in the studio) – but to make our first album a reality, we will need your help.

What do we need your help for?

Recording the album is only a part of the project. There are other aspects to a successful album launch, like financing guest musicians, pressing the CDs, collaborating with our graphic designer, creating merchandise (shirts, bags and posters) and doing the necessary promo work. In the following pie chart, you can see exactly what we need extra funds for:

What now?

We have 30 days left to raise a whopping 8’000 francs! Our project only gets funded if we reach our goal (or, even better, exceed it)! All proceeds go to 100% towards the project «Glaston’s debut album». We are so grateful for every single contributor who believes in our project enough to join us with a donation!

Thank you, danke schön, thank you! <3
Selina, Timo, Jake & Dave

Infos about the packages

The shirts, bags and posters are going to be screen-printed with love, by hand. The design will be in the style of our new album artwork, and will be awesome – that’s all we’re going to say for now. The shirts come in black and white and are available in both men and women’s styles.

All CDs and vinyls will be shipped on the release date (in 2017).

The date of our bandroom concert will be communicated personally.

Tama Brass Shell Snare 14″x6.5″ (used by Dave):

Sabian 10″ Legacy Splash (used by Dave):