The Revolution of Teaching Sciences

GlobalCitizen Adventure is a novel digital learning and teaching aid software, which helps to create an unprecedented level of individualization and learning guidance through the teacher at the secondary grade.

GlobalCitizen Adventure manages to naturally reunite the traditional subjects like «sciences» (biology, chemistry and physics), «geography» as well a «history & culture», to allow a comprehensive view onto our planet Earth, our environment and our biosphere.

Our time is globalized: GlobalCitizen Adventure takes this irrefutable fact into account by letting the students experience and discover the whole globe as global citizens.

Furthermore the learners decide, in which of the five available languages they choose to travel.

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GlobalCitizen Adventure – A True Adventure

GlobalCitizen Adventure is an actual adventure. All learners can go their own way and are no longer dependent on the teacher’s knowledge on a subject.

Worksheets are a thing of the past. GlobalCitizen Adventure connects the digital with the real world by utilising current state of the art technologies (e.g. VR) which is used in 3D games.

Nontheless, our adventure also sends our young learners away from the screen out into the real world.

GlobalCitizen Adventure makes true learning interaction among the students possible. Cooperative learning forms are a substantial component of this new learning plattform.

And last but not least: GlobalCitizen Adventure is fun. A survey among several classes in different grades and levels has shown that the students perceive the concept phase of the idea and the design as motivating, exciting, modern and cool.

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3 - 2 - 1 - GO!

It is our declared aim for GlobalCitizen Adventure to become THE learning aid in the mentioned area of studies.

All content – or as we call them: journeys – will be created with the help of renowned and reliable partners for it to be globally relevant. No matter if it is biology or history facts.

We want our students to discover the world and to learn at their own pace. We don’t want to inhibit anyone and we don’t want to pressure anybody to be at the same learning goal at the same time. And yes: we have the solution to assess anyone with a fair grade.

Please help us to change the well-known school by turning this century old institution upside down. Letting every student start into their own adult life invigorated with their own individual knowledge is just one goal of GlobalCitizen Adventure.

GlobalCitizen Adventure is not about mass processing, it is about desired and practised individuality at school.

To manufacture a fully functioning prototype from all our graphical blueprints, we need your financial support.

Your contribution will help us to start running after the starting signal we heard a while ago.

As an interested visitor you are always welcome in our office. Just give us a short notice.