Classical music, pop, jazz, techno? Doesn't matter! The groove connects everything. 4 brothers with an unique instrumentation: recorder, tuba, viola and piano. Help us to realize our first album!

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Clôturé avec succès le 5.12.2018

Debut album «Elements»

We are 4 Brothers, actually even from the same parents and together we are the HANKE BROTHERS. Because of our unique instrumentation we can promise you nothing less than «incredible musical enjoyment.» Classical music, pop, jazz, techno? It doesn’t matter - the groove connects everything. After an exciting recording time we managed to unite it all on one CD. With your support we will be able to share our music with everybody until christmas! You think this sounds good? Wait until you heard the CD! ;-)

Our project is special because it is unexpected, unbelievable and outrageous!

Diversity, the joy of experimentation, exploring new frontiers - that’s what we live for. Each of us does it in a very special way, most impressively when all four of us are on stage. The rule is: no concert is like any other, no piece is as you know it and the instruments do not always play what you expect. We want to bring the audience out of their shell, surprise them and take them on a journey. Our instrumentation: tuba, recorder, viola and piano. In the first moment it sounds crazy - but it sounds great! It always surprises us, which variety of sounds and colours, which possibilities are in this lineup! We want to put this to the acid test!

Production & shipping until Christmas

So far, all Hanke Brothers revenues were put into our project: including many new compositions and the studio recording of our first CD. Now we need your support to finalize the production of the CD, the graphic layout and shipping!

Together we can make sure that our CD is the present under every Christmas tree! ;-)