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Budka brings people with common interests in culture together, as a community, in order to enjoy simple pleasures of life. It’s a venue for a variety of events – informal lectures, music listening sessions, art performances, and film screenings.

Heart to Heart

Run by a group of friends, the space is a collective experiment in creating an independent and sustainable cultural venue in Tbilisi. Budka encourages collaborations between both local and international artists and is open to potential contributors.


Happy Ears at Budka

We opened last may and been working very hard to build our venue so it could become home for all of you and your ideas. We’ve organised dozens of events including live performances by local and international artists. So far we didn’t charge for entrance and tried to make it accessible for everyone. We’d like to keep that approach, but we need your help to do continue work as a venue for independent culture, supporting artists and their message.

We would like to buy a PA system, that would help us minimise our spendings and accommodate wishes of performing artists as well will move us forward in making venue more self-sustainable as we still financing bigger part of it ourselves. We did our research and found the sound system which would perfectly fit Budka and we would like to ask for your help in order to acquire it. <3