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Haribol – Na Guroradhikam

On our first CD «Na Guruoradhikam» we want to combine tradition with modernity and bring the ancient mantras in a new style to the present day. It is music that touches the heart and lights up the mood with a positive vibration.


This project is special because ...

HARBIOL makes happy!


This is what we need your support for

To realise the studio recording and to make the production of our first CD possible.

You can also help us by financing a new instrument:

1 Harmonium Fr. 1900.00

1 Djembe Fr. 700.00

1 Wavedrum (E-Percussion) Fr. 700.00

1 Arturia Drumbrute (Drumcomputer) Fr. 450.00

Just let us know by e-mail which instrument you would like to donate for (info@haribol.ch). You can then donate the amount via the option «any amount / No reward».

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