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Heidi vs Zombies

Heidi vs Zombies is initially a feature film project.

To add a visual support to our presentation file, we wish to adapt the screenplay into a graphic novel.

Creating a Comic Book is also one of the dreams on our bucket list!

We offer you today the opportunity to share this dream, by becoming a partner in the creation of this unique book and if you are bold enough, you can appear in its pages as a zombie version of yourself!

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The Story

The story is very (very) loosely based on the adventures of the Swiss national hero, Heidi.

Heidi is now a teenager, she will have to face a Zombie outbreak from the city which is about to infect her grandpa’s virgin pastures.

With the help of her faithful sidekick, Peter, Heidi will reveal herself as a dreadful Zombie killer in this tasty mix of black humour, Swiss « clichés » and hemoglobin.

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[CARDINAUX / RUIZ](https://www.facebook.com/RCE-Ruiz-Cardinaux-Entertainment-428857423871803)

We are a Geneva-based director duo born from an old friendship. We have worked together in the film industry for nearly 20 years, our main goal being to present fresh and powerful movies to the public.

In 2015 we brought « SWEET GIRLS » to the screen, a dark comedy with caustic humor. The film was partially funded by crowdfunding. Check the links below, and have look at the movie trailer or Facebook page.

Above all, we are passionate and we have invested body and soul in our projects!

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[JP KALONJI](http://www.kalonjiart.com/)

To give life to our characters and turn our words into images, we turned to JP KALONJI a multi talented comic book artist. KALONJI is already working on the realization of our dream.

Jean-Philippe Kalonji is a painter, illustrator and comic book artist. Currently in Geneva, he has worked in New York, in London and in Japan. In 2009 he signed with Dark Horse Comics in the U.S. and released 365 Samurai and a Few Bowls of Rice, acclaimed by critics and rapidly sold out. The same year, he was a guest at the Comic-Con, the largest comic convention in the world, alongside renowned masters such as Mike Mignola,creator of Hellboy.

You will find below a link to his website to learn more about his art.

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Why participate?

Initially, this comic was not to be sold , but only to serve as a support to get financing for the film.

By participating in this crowdfunding campaign, you will have the opportunity to receive an exclusive copy of Heidi vs Zombies.

The total budget of this operation amounts to several tens of thousands of (Swiss) francs and we need your help to make it possible. You win anyway because you will have access to a unique comic book.

We have set the minimum funding goal at CHF 8’000 which is the minimum amount we need to guarantee a paper copy of the book to all our investors (minimum pledge of CHF 29.-).

That said, the print quality is directly related to the final amount we will raise in the end, so feel free to participate even if the target goal has been reached !

That will not affect the quality of the story and drawings, but the more money we raise, the better will be the quality of the paper and printing.

Also we aim to give this album a « 100 % Swiss made » label, even though this will only be possible if your contributions go far beyond the minimum targeted amount.

Finally, as our ambition is to reach the widest possible audience, the comic will be in English and unless your investments exceed our expectations, it will not be translated to any other language for the moment.

Now it’s up to you! Check our rewards and talk to your friends, remember the more people participate, the better the quality of the comic book will be!

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