«michel» launches its second collection of ready-to-wear for men this fall already a great success! This project includes:

  • the purchase of fabrics and supplies
  • production in small series in Switzerland and Portugal
  • send materials and prototypes
  • customs duties
  • promoting it in various ways (parade-solicitation of shops–showroom–packaging-stickers-etc.)
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What is the michel’s universe?

“michel” is the mixture between London and the personal universe of creative Michèle Schneuwly. All give rise to collections twist british, colorful, fun and especially with the subtle details that make the brand «michel» a unique label that appeals to men and women make jealous button :-) «London Calling» is the first collection of the label release in spring 2014.

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Where collections are created?

It’s in my apartment in Lausanne I create and gives life to «michel’s»collections before to produced them in Switzerland for some and Portugal for the rest, all with European fabrics to ensure a fair production and quality irreproachable.

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Why support this project?

  • It promises to be the most beautiful looks 2014!
  • It will address the lack of clothing choices of the men lost in the shelves where everything looks and little stands out!
  • It is mostly worn by the passion and determination that I bring every day with love to make happy the male sex!
  • It promises to make you even turn his head every season by always most successful and surprising collections and especially …
  • He promises to launch a line for the ladies by summer 2015 :-)

So GO GO GO!!!

Some exemples of gifts


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