What is Home Opera?

Founded in 2012 by Danish mezzo-soprano Hetna Regitze Bruun, Home Opera is Berlin’s newest and most innovative opera company. Three singers and one pianist move the operatic experience out of the traditional grand opera houses and transform private living rooms into opera stages.

From a vast loft in the heart of Berlin to a student apartment in Zürich – Home Opera visits all kinds of homes and people.

The cosiness of a private living room offers the perfect setting for the audience to mingle together, transforming the musical experience into a truly social and unique moment.

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The team

The performers are all professional and highly trained musicians from countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Germany, the US and more. The team for each concert changes depending on the locations and artists’ repertoires, offering the audience an always new and exciting operatic experience. The team also includes assistants who volunteer to help out backstage, to prep the location before the performance, and to manage the bar during the break.

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The Switzerland Tour

Home Opera has raised a lot of interest in Switzerland and received significant media coverage over the last years by giving concerts in several locations. Right now, we are organising another series of six concerts open to the public – a two week-long tour this autumn in Zürich on 09.10.15 and 10.10.15, in Lausanne on 11.10.15 and 16.10.15 and in Geneva on 17.10.15 and 18.10.15.

Many people showed interest in hosting a concert at their home – so what we need now is the support to cover the costs of the tour.

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Why we need your support

The Swiss hosts are ready to welcome us, but we need your support for:

  • Travel expenses for three singers, a pianist and an assistant
  • Accommodation during the tour
  • Promotional material
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