Husky Therapy in northern Finland

We enable a sustainable adventure in Europe’s last wilderness. The summer in Lapland is rich in crystal-clear lakes and golden, endless days. Husky trekking, canoe tours and campfire cooking are waiting for children and teenagers in two different summer programs. With these programs, we want to create access to nature and animal-based experience. We want to teach sustainability to the littlest ones with the living example of the Finnish wilderness. They are accompanied by our loyal Huskyrudel. Educational leave in the wild. Also for children and young people from institutions that can no longer live in their families of origin.

In addition, we offer temporary models for people suffering from burnout. The price for this stay is determined by the guest himself.

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Summer camps for children and young people free ..

…if we reach the more than the target sum. For each amount over 15000 CHF we will offer children to come to us for free in the first summer season.

Natural Tipis for children

For this we build Nordic tepee tents for children and adolescents - modeled after the native Lavvu. These tents are used in winter for guests. This reduces the cost of the children’s summer programs to a necessary minimum. Thus, participation of the youngest is possible - regardless of the financial status.