Project I.S.C.H Foundation

International Foundation for disabled people in sport . To give Financial support for training , preparing championship , paralympics games . To give a professional rehabilitation in sports. Based in Lausanne , Switzerland


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I.S.C.H Foundation for physical disabled in sports

The century will stand out a turning point for inclusion for handicap people in our society . We are estimating that more than a milliard of people live with an handicap in different way’s , meaning fifteen % of the population worlwide. Sport is a factor of integration. Three stapes : The first : To give Financial and material benefits To give Financial support for preparing a championship The second : To give Financial support to reintegrate professionals though carrers in sport The third : Sport & Health Dietetique program for physical disabled athletes. The different Fédérations , clubs , associations don’t have always the Financial coast’s to support physical disabled . It’s around 80% of the coast’s . This is why this project should be taken seriously because they diserve all our support. Just like a valid people .

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For the sake of I.S.C.H Foundation

Budget for create my foundation : 50.000 CHF 30.000 notary , trade register , public utility 10.000 rent/year an office 10.000 equipments (PC ,printer , creating web side) This project is specially adapted to come in help for disabled people . Aswayl it will help to follow step by step they evolution in sport’s carreer and to find out about they final’s result’s . If you are ready to help in our Financial support you will fully informed where your money will acceed . Second step : To give Financial support for Professional though carreers in sports . After any kind of accident’s we will help them to reintegrate and accompagnied them financially a Professional training and to acceed to a job . I will collaborate with C.I.O ,IPC , Handicap international , UNESCO , and with United Nation . This is why , it’s important to support this gratifying project for disabled in sport and for the donator’s .