We are Singal, Nicolas & Cédric. Designer, Watchmaker & Entrepreneur!

We have gathered around us a family of enthusiasts. A team where different skills are intermingled. Everything is there, the alchemy works and friendship does the rest.

In 2020 we believe in change. We want to show that the circular economy in luxury is possible. We met dozens of professionals, we got help, and little by little, we built our dream:

«A watch 100% from the Swiss circular economy».

Now we need YOUR help for our first collection. Support us in the production of a sustainable luxury watch!


Become our first ambassadors, wear the values of ID Genève on your wrist. (With the words «founding member» engraved on the watch!) A watch isn’t much in terms of volume, but everything in terms of values!

During this campaign, you get a unique price of up to 55% off. This is a way of thanking you for the confidence you put in our project.

In the coming months, you will be present at the production of your watch and, as a «founding member», will regularly participate in the creation process.

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Circular Swissmade - a new label within the industry

Circular Swissmade: we are committed to traceable, socially and ecologically responsible value chains. The watch is designed to be circular at all levels.

The stainless steel 4441 (= top quality steel) is certified «local and traceable». Collected from the waste of watchmaking companies in the Jura. The carbon footprint of this steel is 10 times smaller than that of new steel and allows us to minimise any additional extraction of raw material.

Our watches are made in Switzerland, with total transparency about our suppliers. Our criteria for selecting these suppliers are short circuits, the carbon impact of the materials and the price of the watch components.

For the bracelets, we use the remains of grapes after the winemaking process, with a high quality material made in Italy.

We only reuse existing movements. They are disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, oiled and certified as good as new.

With every purchase, you get «Circular Coins» a digital currency to be exchanged for various services (new strap, new dial, new bezel, revision…) to encourage our first ambassadors to take care of their watch in the future.

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Choose your watch!

For our first collection, you have the choice between a SILVER / BLACK / BLUE dials. Please note that the blue dial is only available at 45% OFF.

You can book one of the packs on the right. You will be asked to choose the colour of the dial and bracelet at the end of the campaign through a survey.

I WANT TO SEE THE WATCH BEFORE I BUY IT! Yes you can! We have a permanent showroom in Lausanne, Flon and Genève, Plainpalais. In addition, we will regularly be present in Zürich during the campaign. Please send us an email at info@idwatch.ch to book an appointment.

All watches come with a 2 year guarantee and 2 Circular Coins. Price are in CHF and include all taxes & shipping.

Below you will find a Frequently Asked Questions, our blog to learn more about our journey, some press articles where we are featured and a page about the watch itself.


  • MOVEMENT: Refurbished Automatic movement ETA2824
  • FUNCTIONS: Date, hour, minute and second in center
  • CASE : 98% Recycled 4441 stainless steel
  • DIAMETER: 41 mm
  • THICKNESS: 9.65 mm
  • GLASS: Front and back sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment
  • BRACELET: 18 mm - V-textile with stainless steel buckle
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