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Two friends, Andrei and Mikal, are involved in their own worlds. They try to leave the city on a road trip, but donʼt make it far. The tensions in their companionship culminate in a discussion about the rising moon. Why does it look so big on the horizon? Is it human perception, or physical illusion? And where is the moon, after all?


The short film, «In any case, the moon» is a part of an international project with the working Title, «Light My Fire». Five groups of artists and filmmakers in the cities Berlin, Tel Aviv, Torino and Zürich are currently producing individual short film contributions that will be made into one entire film.

The idea behind this project is to bring together diverse groups of cultural workers from different fields and countries in order to make visible the differences and similarities of perspectives. The sensitivity of cultural life conditions and the identification of different artistic and culturally determined methods of reflection, construction and creation are a center point of the overall project.

Project description «In any case, the moon»

The Swiss team, Silvan Hillmann, Garrett Nelson and Martina Kunz have been working together to create a film whose story and setting reflect a highly nuanced personal relationship between two men. Silvan and Garrett have worked together on many projects, bridging several disciplines, and find themselves now working with the professional actors Christoph Keller, Ralph Tristan Engelmann, and the literary and theatrical expert Martina Kunz, in the realization of this project.

«We are looking forward for our film, from the context of Zürich, Switzerland, to take new meaning in a collaborative international context and to be able to take part in the discussions and viewings of this experimental project.»

what we need the money for:

We are working with a lot of life blood for this project. The International Project has generated CHF 1ʼ000 for our project. The rest of the production resources we must generate ourselves. With your contribution we will be directly financing the shooting and post-production without wages. In this way, your support will be directly put towards the end product. There are currently open applications for funding from other foundations so that in the best case we may be able to pay parts of wages.