Sailing Yacht

If I travel with my camper today, then the diesel costs me. When sailing, I use free wind energy. Currently I have to rent massage studios to offer massages. On the yacht I can set up a berth for it. Today I have to rent rooms for workshops. On the yacht I can do that on deck.

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Camp Eden

Later I plan to sail to Venezuela and establish a community in the spirit of Rainbow Crystal Land and UBUNTU. Details can be found in my book * Camp Eden - How we re-created our paradise «and in my detailed video. (links below)

Currently I need some money to pay for the sailing yacht.

For this are still about 14,000, - EUR needed and in addition, some money is still needed to set up a massage room to make necessary repairs and pay for sailing license.

You can redeem the rewards in the following locations. Canary Islands until April. In the spring I’m on my way to Hamburg (I am also in Berlin) and then in the winter again on the Canary Islands. If you can wait, you could also enjoy receiving your reward in the Caribbean.