InkGallery is an artistic laboratory, an art promoter in Geneva. The project is offering an original place, where every artists could work and meet, a place open to all artistic professions.

CHF 1’660

3% of CHF 50’000

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 14/1/2019

Create an InkGallery place

The project was born from the desire to offer an original and unique space in Geneva, where art is in all its forms, and affordable for all. All the arts will be expressed there, because many artists and professions will coexist harmoniously. Printers, graphic designers, designers, tattoo artists, painters, photographers, and any other creator. InkGallery already ensures the international promotion of the partners artists, through the sale of the artworks in different internet platforms, through the communication on their work on the social networks and gallery website, and through the organization of meetings with my contacts during events and/or openings, in many different places. A dedicated space could allow the organization of regular exhibitions, encourage exchanges, and create a workplace for various freelancers working in art.

A unique space

Working in art since many years, the owner of the project knows how difficult it is to find a job when you are too specialized, in this case specialized in fine art. The aim is to create work for freelance people, artists, creators, and all, to enable them to live off it and to encourage them to do so. Unfortunately, there are no many places dedicated to art, and where meeting, exchange and conviviality are essential.

Financial support to develop the space

We’re almost there! The company is created and active. The stock is purchased, the basic investments are made. All we need now is to find the ideal place, big enough, and the budget to do that. This campaign will therefore serve to create a cosy place, whose furniture and decoration will of course have been created by our artists. The space must be arranged to accommodate the partner workers, by arranging various «work zones». This will have an estimated cost of CHF 50,000, including equipment, furniture, and any work in the space. To thank you for participating in this beautiful project in favour of art and creation, the compensation offered will be adapted to the needs of each of you.