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  • EUR 14.-7 taken


    DOWNLOAD CODE // Get insomnia as a download in high quality on the day of release.

  • EUR 27.-21 taken


    CD // You will receive a signed copy of the album by mail.

  • EUR 50.-1 taken


    THE MUSICAL WHITE NIGHT // Experience an exclusive concert at midnight in the stylish atmosphere of the Salon Razumovsky, followed by chamber music in its original form until the morning hours. Exciting music in the library, silent films in the concert hall, eating and drinking in the salon. Experience Insomnia. Breakfast is included! Date: a Friday in October 2015.

  • EUR 60.-7 taken


    JOUJOUX, INSOMNIA & RELEASE CONCERT // You will receive a personal invitation (including a ticket) for the release concert. There my two solo albums CDs will be waiting for you, which I will sign for you personally.

  • EUR 90.-1 / 6 taken


    ALL THAT JAZZ // We go as a small group to one of Christoph Cech’s or Clemens Salesny’s concerts at Porgy & Bess or to the Jazzland. Tickets and a signed album of Insomnia are included! Date: November-December 2015

  • EUR 100.-6 taken


    CONCERT TICKETS & CD // 2 tickets to one of my concerts of your choice and 2 CDs with a personal dedication and 2 hammerheads included.

  • EUR 120.-3 / 6 taken


    LONG NIGHT OF MUSEUMS IN VIENNA // Experience a search for hidden treasures of art and music in an extraordinary night tour together with us! Margareta – the composer of the commissioned work – and I will put together the route (tickets included).
    Date: October 3rd, 2015

  • EUR 220.-3 taken


    MEET & GREET...& EAT You and your companion will spend an evening exclusively with the entire crew of Insomnia. We will show you what we like and want to share with you: our favorite music, wine and food (prepared by the professional chef Thomas Hüttl) Exclusive here: a CD signed by all of us involved in the project! Location: cooking studio of Thomas Hüttl, Date: around November 2015

  • EUR 250.-1 taken


    PIANO LESSON & CONCERT TICKETS // 4 tickets, 4 CDs with personal dedication and a 2-hour piano lesson where I will teach you tips and tricks to help you with your technique.

  • EUR 300.-0 / 5 taken


    THE INSOMNIA LAMP to your CD will be made for you ! Exclusively designed for the album by Verde Fish Manufacturing , it will be the unobtrusive, modern eye-catcher of your room. The hand-blown glass and the oversized vintage bulb change their
    appearance at night and give you their warm light in sleepless nights.

  • EUR 500.-0 taken


    WORKSHOP // 5 piano lessons where I will follow-up on your questions and there by help you to improve your long term piano playing. Additionally you receive concert tickets and signed CDs for you and 3 of your friends. If you wish, I will mention you as a sponsor in the booklet.

  • EUR 1.000.-1 taken


    SHORT CONCERT // A 45 minute concert for you and your guests. A piano in good condition should be available, travel expenses should be negotiated. If you wish I will mention you as a sponsor in the booklet. In addition you will receive 10 CDs with a personal dedication.

  • EUR 2.000.-1 taken


    RECITAL // Piano recital as a private concert, or in a Concert Hall organized by yourself. I will gladly accept repertoire requests; piano in good condition should be available, travel expenses should be negotiated. If you wish, I would be glad to mention you as main sponsor in the booklet and on my homepage. In addition you will receive a CD box with 20 signed copies.