For the very first time I’m hosting 2 Musikworkshops in Buje / Istria: An international Drum/Music/Band Workshop July 09 - 15 and an int. Songwriting Camp with some of the world’s best Sep 10 - 16

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Concluded on 7/5/2018

«Musikworkshop & Songwriting Camp Sommer 2018 in Istra»

For the very first time after a 20 year break of hosting my own workshops i am so proud and excited to do it again in cooperation with the wonderful town of Buje and the department of education of the so called Diakonie Austria:

A MUSIC / DRUM / PERCUSSION / BAND WORKSHOP JULY 9 - 14 in the beautiful mediterranean town of Buje , Istria in the gulf of Trieste hosted by musician, drummer, artist developer, lecturer and catalyst Alex Deutsch, with the Pula native and in London living and working drummer Marco Quarantotto, the Vienna based drummer Michael Prowaznik, Brazil native and Vienna based Percussionist Luis Ribeiro, NYC based bass wizzard Stephan Kondert, Berlin based guitarist Christoph Bernewitz & Yoga teacher Sandra B. Mauerhofer


A SIONGWRITING CAMP, also in Buje from SEPTEMBER 10 - 15

an opportunity to work, hang and be inspired by two of the most in demand international songwriters today:, IAN DENCH from London, who wrote his first huge worldwide hit «you are unbelievable» back in the 90ies for his former British Band «EMF» and SHARON VAUGHN form Memphis, Tennesse in the US. together both of them are an unbeatable team who worked with a large number of international Artists and Super Stars such as Beyoncé, Shakira, James Blunt, Florence and the machine, Mika as well as the Austrian singer songwriters Anna Friedberg and Thomas David and a large number of young, international talent.

Take this chance and don’t miss an inspiring, mind opening and creative week among international cowriters and peers in the magic and beautiful mediterranean town of Buje in Croatia in the Gulf of Trieste. B There & cYa!

Fee - Euro 800.- for all the private lessons, seminars and lectures excluding Food and Hostel. There are various accomodation possibilities in town, but there is also Camping available , about 15 minutes by car directly at the mediterranean sea.

if you are interested to participate in either workshop, please send me a brief mail to, idealy with your phone number attached to it and i will send you immediately all the detailed infos, including a person to talk to from the town of Buje in terms of accomodations.

Upon request we have special fees for Bands, as well as great talent who might have trouble to afford the workshop fee.


My project is special because ...

did you ever think about what it actually was that made and makes you make music happen? what got you into actually loving music ? how music sang, floated and sounded itself into your life? what music actually really is besides «right» and «wrong» notes , loud and soft sounds? groovy beatz and noisy drums ? performance and skills? how and where actually a specific sound is given birth? how long a break needs to last and what a pause is actually good for? what it actually really is that moves and literally touches peoples hearts ? how musicians are often trained to perceive music and what they were taught to be aware of? and what maybe flying under a trained musicians radar because they are so accupied with proving something to an audience and / or to themselves, sidetracked about rights and wrongs, judging and all that noisey and in the end really most likely not so very important stuff?

we will try to really get into the heart and source of the matter, to experience magic, the energy and the spirit of making music happen in discussions, jams, playing music, performances, meditations, walks, talks, lectures, listening and guiding each other to the roots of the often even healing power of music and the energy, that is capable of touching hearts and souls beyond purpose and reason and makes your asses and booties shake.

This is what we need backing for.

Since we are doing this the very first time and since we are basically working without any public funding and the travel, accomodation and fees for the lectures and teaching are quite a hurdle in making this a true success for each and everybody involved, and since at this point we have absolutely no clue of how many people will join us, we need your generous support to help us, not only to make this venture work out but to make it a stepping stone for the years to come.