The movie : «Is she a Dark Knight or a Jedi?»

This is what you will co-produce : A woman appears. She is walking, she climbs a hill,  gazing at the future. A voice whispers a poem as she moves through Nature, ever-present.   

The movie depicts the concept of the collection. It serves as a storyboard for my fashion show and it will also be part of the show. 

The «Be One» collection

I created the “Be One” collection as an anthem to womanhood. It pays tribute to women’s strength, their victorious battles and their resilience, their inexplicable humbleness despite their unique ability to create and preserve life. Warrior at every stage of her existence, she passes through the various trials of life, and continues to move forward. She builds her future and carries it, whatever the cost. 

This collection uses natural fibres and prestigious fabrics of metallic shades light as armours made of silk

The project's Dream Team

Why should you support this movie? 

Because women deserve more respect and recognition. Because the fashion show will be spectacular and you can be part of it! Because I'm talented and friendly and so are you!