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«Hi Marc, why do you realize this project?»

«Hi there! I want to get some rest from populism. Politics should be pragmatic and prudent. The parties have definitely better stuff to do than bombing citizens with posters.

The goal of political commercials should be to inform and not to provocate.»

«Don’t you involve yourself partisanly in the political process of an initiative?»

«I take no political position, but minimize political advertising.»

«And how will that work?»

«The Agency APG SGA operates the e-panels on the main station. With your money, we can shut down parts of the advertising flood and hang up our nice black posters in order to get a break.»

«And what do I get from you when I participate?»

«We’re not on a fish market where you go shopping.

Support the project and help building an island on the flood of political advertising.

Join in and help protecting people from the advertising circus.»