Armed with my camera, microphone and pencils, I am embarking on an adventure featuring joy around the world to show the beauty beyond the shadows and to give a a helping hand along the way.

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This is what it's all about.

Through the project «Joy for the Planet» started by the association Planetpositive, I propose to be a booster of joy and to spread the joy of men and women who resist the pervading pessimism, the tyranny of profitability, the hyperconnectivity, or the self-centered individualism or extremism.

For the past 25 years, as journalist and humanitarian, I have chosen to promote news which inspire through examples so that positive individuals may share their recipes with those who are going through difficult times in their lives. My experience as humanitarian delegate in war zones has taught me that offering joy and love is as needed as to hand out a bag of rice.

As a symbol of this joy, I shall make and give on the way small solar lamps made with recycled material in partnership with LEDsafari. This start-up based in Lausanne, Switzerland offers an innovative technology, and aims at training and sensitizing people as to sustainable development. Our lamps will bring a little comfort to individuals or may shine some light on individuals who carry out projects which generate joy!

These moments of joy will inspire the decorations that will transform my van « Begoodee » into a hand-made cartoon book on 4 wheels along the way.

Ideally at the end of this adventure which will take at least one year, my dream is to publish a book, a road movie/travel documentary, an album of comics and an exhibit of joy around the world. Follow me on my blog (, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, and sign up for my newsletter!

Thank you for your support of this project to spread this energy of openness, joy and solidarity.

Your joy, and everyone’s joy, is my destination. Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois

Why spreading joy?

In a suffering world, Joy for the Planet  aims at sharing,  in the form of stories,  the recipe of those who manage to «live» joy in their lives  no matter what the trials and setback in their lives might be.  In a world which is losing its bearings, facing omnipresent threats and stressful problems, how does one remain confident and optimistic?   Finding beauty even in ugliness, celebrating the gift of life whatever the packaging, allows us to enjoy life in all its forms.  The goal of Joy for the Planet is to give you all the ingredients, formulas and recipes to manifest your future with the best possible flavoring.  With your support, I will also be able to give a bit of help and contribute to making the dreams of those I encounter on the road come true. I believe that one who is reconnected to his deep joy contributes to elevating not only his personal story but that of all humanity. «We are all in one another,» an acquaintance for whom I had the highest respect used to say, the late author and philosopher Christiane Singer.  It is to inspire everyone  to learn to appreciate their life, with its ugliness and masterpieces, that I wish to invest all my energy in this project.

Let’s do it together! Thank you for participating in the crowdfunding I just launched on wemakeit.

What will your support serve?

My personal commitment is volunteer but I need your support for others. Indeed, your donations will allow me to consolidate a «kitty of joy» to help support the dreams of those encountered on the road through small pushes.

You also finance solar kits that I will build lamps and that I will offer from you. These will serve either to shed light on enthusiasts carrying positive projects, or to bring some comfort to individuals who want to give up.

Finally, your generous support will allow me to finance a part of what is related to the preparations for this adventure: the technical preparation of the bus, communication, the website and computer equipment.

Your support will serve to make this project a reality.