A Swiss eco-friendly art & fashion house providing cutting edge artists an opportunity to expose their work to the masses while creating a sustainable, eco-friendly fashion movement

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In a time where the environment is in such a delicate state, we as consumers must be conscious of how our clothes are manufactured and where they are coming from. It is our MANDATE as human beings to minimize and eliminate the impact we have on this earth and live as nature intended us to… SUSTAINABLY.

Here at Karmic Revolution we seek out others who share this view and strive to take part in this movement by spreading the word via the art we create and the clothing we put on our back. TOGETHER, we can forge a global movement that will shape the future of how our clothing is manufactured and where it is sourced. Today, we work closely with artists and musicians from Japan, Spain, Switzerland, France, and China; who have all placed their names and talents on the line saying they want to see change and have pledged to be part of Karmic Revolution.


In 2013 we will be releasing a brand new line of clothing and artwork that will further our efforts in working towards a sustainable future. In order for us to reach this goal and begin this process we are looking to contributors like yourself to provide us with the funds and support needed to kick start our dreams and aspirations.

With contributions ranging from 5CHF to 1000CHF, we will provide you with a range of gifts that you can display proudly, stating that YOU CARE and wish to be part of the Karmic Revolution team.

Your contributions will...

  • Provide the building blocks to launch our 2013 t-shirt line and other lines to come.
  • Enable the KR team to research and acquire new fabrics and materials from our eco-friendly partners
  • Equip us with the means to reach further around the world to contact more artists and designers who share our passion for a sustainable, eco-friendly future

All of our clothes are:

  1. using organic or sustainable fabrics
  2. hand printed in Switzerland with water based inks
  3. designed by artists from around the world
  4. in limited quantities

Thanks for your support