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An artistic wall clock from solid wood, unique for each person as an individual labyrinth will be drawn for every backer !

Labyrinth λambda wall clock an artistic unique wall clock dedicated to the meaning of life- very rarely does the shortest way lead directly to the goal: we need to patiently undergo the complications of the world, of which labyrinths are a reflection.

The Product

Material : For that project we have used solid European beech. Beech is typically pale cream colour with a light brown hue. It’s got good workability and machines well. Common uses for beech are furniture, musical instruments, boat building and turned objects.

Each Labyrinth λambda wall clock is a precision cnc cut, from 15mm solid beech wood and measures 20-21 cm.

After being hand sanded, the Labyrinth λambda wall clock is finished with natural oil and waxes, bringing out the natural grain and figure of the wood.

The final step is the installation of the UTS Quartz German Euroshaft Movement Mechanism Motor.


Budget Risk and Challenges

The funds from this project will go towards for new machinery items and the manufacturing of the Labyrinth λambda Wall Clocks.

The item is already prototyped.

The clock will be tested for two days before shipping.


Rewards & Delivery

Extras Rewards

A natural wood key ring, shape of the λambda.

A set of four collectible wooden coasters, unique maze design.

These coasters come as a set of four and are made from solid beech wood, measuring 9cm/each.

All the orders will be sent secured with tracking number. Please leave your email address so we can contact you.

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