Who we are:

Ron & Dan are two swiss brothers and drumbuilders, who have been manufacturing customized drums for all kinds of customers for the past 6 years. As a young and aspiring company with fresh and new design-ideas we have gained a name within the competitive drummaking-business.

What it’s all about:

With your support we are able to display our drums again next march at one of the biggest and most important musical trade-shows in the whole world: Musikmesse Frankfurt. At Musikmesse lots people from all around the globe like buyers from stores, professional musicians and interested folks gather to see what's new on the market and to take on new business opportunities.

We have tons of ideas but unfortunately our budget is limited, so for next time we decided to start this project with the goal to be able to pay the most important expenses. With your support we can show off our designs at Messe, connect with people from the industry and talk to potentially new clients.

That’s what it looked like last year:

What we’ll use the money for:

BOOTH: The biggest amount we’ll use for the booth. Along with the rent we will also have to pay additional expenses like electricity for our booth, a parking space on the Messe-sight and different permits for loading in front of the hall etc.

ACCOMMODATION: Throughout the Messe week all hotels in Frankfurt are booked out. Therefore we had to pre-reserve a hotel room already in march of 2013. This room costs three times as much as in all other weeks of the year. Additionally to the room we’ll need a parking space aswell as wi-fi for our room to catch up with the customer service throughout the Messe week.

TRANSPORTATION: To bring all our stuff to Frankfurt we will have to rent a big bus. In addition we’ll need enough money to pay gas and all the needed customs-documents.

What you’ll get in return:

Beside of our endless love, you’ll get different kinds of goodies as ’Thank You’ for your donation. From LB merchandising items to handsigned photobooks and even a unique snaredrum which we will design and build exclusively for you.

Why you should help us:

With your support you will help a young and uprising company and give us the chance to spread our name in a mayor way. Also all our artists will profit big time from our appearance at Messe.

LB Drums isn’t and has never been about the big money. We have a pretty simple dream: Continue doing what we love most.

For your donation we thank you with all our hearts.