le2dam #01 – debut CD

by le2dam


There are many pieces from female and male composers for Piano and trumpet from the last 100 years. We want to bring four of them to life, both on CD and in concerts.


EUR 5’525

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 19/7/2018

Music Dissapears in the Blink of an Eye音乐消失在瞬间

…that’s why we give concerts, but we also want to capture our music on a CD to create the possibility to listen to our music outside of the concert hall.

CD Release Concert: October 3, 2018; 7:30 pm «mi barrio»; Vienna


Music Written by Female and Male Composers男性与女性作曲家的作品

Our program connects pieces written by men and women within the last 100 years. The CD focuses on pieces of composers who have worked in Europe.

Georges Enescu «Legende» Francine Aubin «Concerto Russe» Karl Pilss «Sonate für Trompete und Klavier» Claude Arrieu «Concerto»

我们致力于推广上世纪优秀男性作品家以及女性作曲家的经典作品,所以将录制两位男性作曲家—罗马尼亚著名作曲家乔治 埃内斯库的《传奇》(Georges Enescu «Legende»);维也纳作曲家卡尔 皮尔斯的《奏鸣曲》(Karl Pilss «Sonate für Trompete und Klavier),以及法国两位女作曲家的作品—弗兰西 奥邦的《俄罗斯协奏曲》(Francine Aubin «Concerto Russe»);克罗德 阿里约的《协奏曲》(Claude Arrieu «Concerto»)。

Production Costs产品费用

Due to copyright laws, there is a fee associated with every minute of music that we perform or record because we are focusing on work by composers that have been alive within the past 70 years. In addition, there are the typical costs for recording, audio mixing, production of the CD itself (including the layout and the creation of cover art), advertisement for the concert, the fee for the concert hall, the piano tuning fee, etc.


Breakdown of costs:

2000€ recording 录音所需费用 2000€ production 出版 1000€ marketing & promotion =5000€ 推广 plus fee of 10% of wemakeit =5500€ 加上百分之十集资中介费总共5500欧元

Every € beyond that is put towards video material (concert filming, etc).每一项为了获得高质量录音录像材料

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