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My Idea

I’ve been a passionate Freerunner since ten years. Through this activity in the urban area, I always meet very exciting new people. Many of these creative young people begin with their passion as a hobby and would like to live out of it. The «digital business card» is very important in social media. It allows them to reach a large audience. In order to create a digital business card, a good camera equipment is indispensable. Because the quality of the videos and photos in this scene is decisive nowadays. The artists present their passion in an impressive way and entertain their audience with a convincing performance. This way they can leave a better and more personal impression and bring their art closer to the audience. However, getting a high quality and good equipment is very expensive. From my own experience as a Freerunner, I know that many of these gifted, mostly young people can not afford the necessary money: this is the moment when I step in.


Creativity connects

My goal is to create a platform (Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Website) on which the artists can present their skills. In my videos, different genres meet and create a new whole: what connects us is the passion. In our little Switzerland are so many interesting people with varied talents. If it’s in freerunning, skateboarding, BMX, drawing, dancing, spraying, etc.: the platform offers space for the realization of creative ideas.

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I need your support

With your financial support I’ll buy the RED Raven Camera Kit. With this I will be equipped to support the imaginative artists, to share their passion and their abilities with the world, and at the same time to live out my creativity and passion for filming.

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