What is it?

Mademoiselle L is a Swiss independent fashion brand, a female ready-to-wear, with an urban style and sophisticated. Her production is limited and controlled in Europe. The cut is the centerpiece of every collection.

In 2012, mademoiselle L took a fresh start with the process #A CROSS L: set an image , style and attitude, a quickdraw «mademoiselle L», combining three key areas: functionality, individualism and creativity.

Since a succession of events and awards , including Lily Fashion Contest Prize unanimously welcomed the contemporaneity of her collection and her « dégaine décalée »  that blends sophistication and streetstyle .

After 3 years of growing success, mademoiselle L needs to go to a new level. Continue to create , to expand, to accelerate its process and aim higher. 

Today, mademoiselle L starts with wemakeit with you to achieve her purpose.


Mademoiselle L subtly mixes pure  geometry and sensual fluidity.

Slightly off, it is a fashion to gross hyper femininity species diverting universe around bodily lines. The materials are essential to the coherence of mademoiselle L universe.

Clothing is at the service of the body and quickdraws at the service of the personality. Posture and how to wear the clothes are an integral part of her creative process, working on a chic look, contemporary and comfortable for everyday style.

Why to support us?

Mademoiselle L needs to develop serenely while following a regular rhythm of collections and establishing the label as a reference in Swiss ready to wear.

With your contribution, mademoiselle L may finance various costs related to the development of her future collections, her participation in fashion show, her simple and almost daily presence on social networks, her regular events shop and showroom, as well as International salons in order to expand overseas.

What will happen with the money?

Stage 1: CHF 10’000

 This first stage will allow her to create and develop the next spring/summer 16 collection

  • buy fabrics and materials
  • realisation of the collection’s prototypes
  • produce photo shoot

Stage 2: CHF 30’000

This second stage will help not only with the collection but also allow her to participate to diverse events that will make her known and grown

  • production of the on going collection 
  • develop the autumn/winter 16/17 collection
  • participate in fashion salons, showrooms and fashion shows

Stage 3: CHF +50’000

This third stage will constitute the necessary fonds to establish a solid basis, extend and export

  • develop the spring/summer 17 collection
  • change the status of mademoiselle L in SARL
  • participate in overseas events and exportation

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«My aim is to make clothes in a proper way, at a proper price, and in a proper quality, not preciously made, but with the integrity of affordable fashion.» Olivier Theyskens

We want to THANK YOU for the time you took to discover this project. Thanks for your support!

INFORMATION Mademoiselle L

Mademoiselle L, 21, Avenue de Choiseul, 1290 Versoix – Genève / Suisse, 0041223402550, info@mademoiselleL.ch