Our latest EP «Prologue» was released in 2014. We recorded it ourselves at our local in Meyrin. Returns were very good, especially as regards the quality of the recording. Some professionals who listened our album were pleasantly surprised by the sound of the record.

The project begins

In 2015 we are moving in a big local in Perly and one idea starts to grow, following the very good feedback from our EP. We decide to transforme the local into a recording studio as we have always dreamed.

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The Goal?

We want to record our next album of 13 tracks with total creative freedom. Without time and cost pressure because recording in a professional studio is very expensive. We also want to allow other groups or musicians to enjoy our structure, to come and share our passion for music and even record their demo or EP.

How can you help us?

To create a studio, good equipment is essential but this equipment is very expensive ! Over the years we have invested a lot of money but now we need a little help from you to move up a gear.

The Band

Malavida stabilizes their formation in 2009. With the arrival of Kevin and Jeremie, Malavida rethinks his music. Most advanced harmonically and less impulsive, they develop an intense rock inspired by Muse, Dream Theater, Editors, Queen or 30 Seconds To Mars. Not to mention the monsters of French music : Brel, Gainsbourg, or Noir Désirs, Téléphone which are references in its lyrics .

The band consists of four musicians :

Sebastien Gomez GUITARE Vivian Vogtle VOCAL/GUITARE Kevin Queille KEYBOARDS/BASS Jérémie Fleuret DRUMS

Malavida videos