Marey’s debut album – finally!

Many concert have been played, lots of songs have summed up in the last few years and the the question «Hey, can I buy a CD of you guys?» had to be answered with «unfortunately not yet..»

But now we’re very keen to answer «Sure you can!»
And this is why we are here!

Here is the link to one of our songs called «The End Is Dawning» (demo version)

Who we are?

Marey used to be a solo-project since approx. 2012, but Maryam Hammad (singer songwriter of «Marey») got in touch with the Bass and Cello player Aurèle Louis who joined «Marey» in 2015. In that constellation the songs received different colours and volume. Quickly we made up our minds to produce an album together.

The project «1rst album» and why we need your help:

There is plenty of motivation and will to get the first records done, there is just a lack in the financial part. To produce, mix and master an album needs a certain amount of money which we – Marey can’t affort on our own.

  • Recordings at the Orpheo Studio (La Neuveville) and La Fonderie (Fribourg)
  • Mix & mastering of the songs
  • Creation of the booklet and CD distribution
  • Promotion and videoclip

The total costs of our album production is around 12’000

Listen to «Who Am I» (demo version) on youtube:

We will also have some guests on the album who will give some more colour and volume into our songs. The names of the professional musicians are:

  • Luigi Galati (Barrio Oscuro, BBJIO, Caryl Baker 4tet) on the drums and percussions
  • Sacha Ruffieux (Sacha Love, Kassette, Marc Aymon) on the lead guitar

Unfortunately, the money we already put by side for our project isn’t enough. That is the reason why we’re on «wemakeit»! We need your help and are hoping for some helping hands!