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Medical services for women and children

They offer antenatal care support, regular check ups, provision of safe delivery and concluding post natal care. They do referrals to the emergency obstetrical care centre in Narayangonj, Rupganj and sometimes Dhaka.

Consultations on family planning with temporary and permanent family planning provisions (condoms, injection, and oral pills) Adolescent boys and girls are getting information on sexual and reproductive health care & services

Why your support is needed

With your support this young community-based clinic will be able to continue their services. Dr. Kasir and her small team are highly competent and engaged but they need our financial support as most patients do not have any health coverage or means to pay the full cost of their treatment. I have visited Chanpara medical clinic several times and am so impressed by their work!


Vital services

Your donation will allow the small team around Dr. Nusrat Kadir to continue serving the community in this area.