Why #mexibeaucoup needs you!

Hello, my name is Ivan and I’m the founder of this campaign. I’m an Architect who was born and raised in Mexico. I work for an Architecture firm in Geneva but I’ve been always connected with art and artists. Growing up in one of the cities with the most number of museums in the world, I remember my childhood surrounded by museums, art galleries, and murals by great Mexican muralists. After a couple of years of living in Switzerland, discovering and adapting to this beautiful country, I realized how much I would like the world to know the great things about Mexico.

Unfortunately, nowadays, we are facing a global health and economic crisis, caused by the virus Covid-19. The impact of this virus in the world has been more severe in developing countries such as mine. By the time I write these lines, Mexico’s population is living on the 116th day of confinement, making life hard for artists whose works were exhibited in parks and galleries, which are now closed due to the pandemic, making nearly impossible for them to promote and sell their artwork. We hope that the lifting of confinement is not far away, but in the mid-time, the collateral damage to the economy is imminent and will not allow a quick recovery.

I’m asking you today to support this campaign because through your contributions we can help them reactivate and impact them in a positive way, driving them out from the atmosphere of illness, frustration, and financial concerns. By acquiring some of the artworks that were specially selected for this campaign you are helping an upcoming generation of artists take a step further into hope and new beginnings.

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#Mexibeaucoup is special because

My objective is to create a cultural exchange link between Mexico, Switzerland, and the European Countries. I invited 10 emerging plastic artists and photographers, women, and men, who have been working for years as a passion or as a way of living. Some of them have had the opportunity to exhibit abroad, some others have made solo exhibitions in Mexico.

Who are they?

  1. Daniel Núñez
  2. Lorena Martínez
  3. José Maldonado
  4. Ignacio Manteca
  5. Laurencia Evans
  6. Tonatiuh Núñez
  7. Lucy Hernández
  8. Ernesto Padilla
  9. Gilberto Rodríguez
  10. Guadalupe Gómez

Some of them might become the next Tamayo, Rivera, Toledo, or Kahlo.

Help them out of this crisis with hope!


This is what we need backing for.

We are asking for 8,900 CHF as a first goal to help all artists. The money raised will be used to pay the artwork and the delivery directly to your home address.

When you buy a voucher 100% of the money goes to them. I will not make any profit from this campaign whatsoever; I’m doing this to support my compatriots and help them get through the Coronavirus crisis. Your support will mean the world to all the artists participating in this campaign.

By donating to our crowdfunding campaign, you are helping artists and their families. Buying a voucher will mean a lot to all of them helping them out of this crisis by keeping their job and not letting their talent go to waste.

There is no small contribution and every contribution will be strongly appreciated. We appreciate all your support!

Thank you all!