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Music video for a fresh start

In 2014, we had made it into the Dance Charts of several countries with our debut single «Long Days, Hot Nights». The song was not planned, it rather just happened. We have not been a real band back then, just a bunch of people sometimes gathering in a studio. We have released a second single by the title «I Got New Feelings» in 2016.

A second attempt

After our «accidental» success we have started to question our path: Do we see ourselves where the label guys see us? How do we want to sound? We don’t have a final answer yet. What we got is new songs, this one for example:

Video shoot in September

The world has become one big screen. A music project is not only to be heard, it needs to be seen. That is why a video is essential for our fresh start. By funding us, you are not only allowing us a video shoot but a new beginning as a band. Thank you.