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Get everywhere. Be picked up in 10 minutes. Be driven emission-free. All over Switzerland. To the shops, to the public transport, to the sports club, to the doctor, to the bar. That’s mybuxi’s vision.

CHF 13’625

545% of CHF 2’500

545 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 3/1/2022

Now we want to ride for the whole of Switzerland!

We know what it takes. Now we need your support to make it happen!

Since 2019, we have been testing what is important for a mybuxi offer in the different rural regions of Switzerland - Mittelland, Hügelland, Bergland and Stadtrand - in four pilot regions. We have transported over 70,000 passengers with our electric minibuses who ordered their rides with the mybuxi app - one app for all areas.

By 2025, we want to be everywhere in rural Switzerland as a supplement to public transport and for medium-length everyday journeys. Only an area-wide offer is really attractive for: be sure that you can get everywhere. The sooner this is available, the better!

For this we need your help: with every franc we can expand the mybuxi offer:

  • with CHF 2500 we can run a minibus for a month
  • with CHF 25000 we can build a charging station in a new region
  • with CHF 100,000 we can expand an existing region
  • with CHF 500’000 we can build up a new region and cover the operating costs of the initial phase.

That is a lot of money! That’s why we need many people to join in: best to send the campaign to your network.

Simply get everywhere
Simply get everywhere

Ride on demand

The mybuxis travel exactly when and where they are needed. One mybuxi minibus can transport over 200 passengers in one day - a car usually transports less than 5 passengers per day. This saves many journeys, requires fewer parking spaces and less energy. The air becomes better. And for those who still want to drive themselves: fewer cars = less congestion & more parking spaces.

But what is really important: mybuxi is pure freedom. You can drive there and get back in again wherever you want. You don’t have to go back to your own vehicle or to a station. And what’s more: mybuxi is fun. Cool drivers, cool passengers. And all this with a clear conscience - with mybuxi you can travel in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

mybuxi makes people mobile

mybuxi is «ride on demand». With the mybuxi app, you order a ride in one of our electric minibuses, either for now or for later. You can ride alone or book several people. The mybuxi system makes sure that different requests for rides in the same direction are combined - sometimes you will have to take a diversion. The mybuxis run from early morning to late at night, maybe even 24 hours a day. We want to go everywhere you can go by car. OK, maybe not to every alp, but everywhere that makes sense.

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