About «nani heart»:

My music is soft, slow, smooth and pure, it comes straight from my heart. Over the past few years I have been able to gather valuable experience with my mantra concerts in Switzerland and abroad. It was during this time that I released my first album (2016) where I sing 8 mantras (spiritual healing songs). In the meantime I have produced a number of new songs. With this crowdfunding campaign and your help I hope to produce my new CD «i am».


My project is special because ...

«i am» is a way of saying YES to myself. I trust my voice, open my inner space and share it with you. The 8 songs on the upcoming CD «i am» have all been composed by myself. They reveal my journey, reflect my insights and tell stories from my life. The main instrument is my voice. Accompanied by simple melodies und sounds, you are invited to experience inner peace and tranquility. It doesn’t matter if I sing for 1 or 100 people. Every single heart that I can touch strengthens my will to go on.

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This is what I need backing for.

I am already being supported by lots of wonderful creative people but I still need your help. To be able to produce «i am», I still need CHF 10’000.

This includes:

  • Studio recordings
  • Guest musicians
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • CD pressing
  • Artwork & Design

Every bit of support helps! In addition to being able to pre-order of the CD, there are a number of cool rewards to be had. Every franc above the goal will go straight towards the project «nani heart - i am». There’s still so much more to do! ;-)