The idea...

It’s a great privilege that for many years i have been able to pursue my passion for music in church and many projects, where i get to sing, rap and perform! I love to express my own thoughts through music and i started to search for my own style within all the music i have been performing. The 6 best demos i made i wanna take to Boulder Studios in Uetendorf (BE, Switzerland) to rearrange and record them with the young and talented producer Jonas «Sustain» Gygax to produce my first EP.


The style...

It’s been a while since i released any new music and just like when i played my first concert i’m still somewhere between Pop and Rap and also still switching between english and swiss-german. Guess i just can’t and don’t want to be put in a box… My producer is going to help me find the sounds that will let this diversity remain while compiling the songs on the CD into one piece.

We’ll find out if all the songs are going to be in english or if some swiss-german remains.

The guests...

Over the years i got to meet many talented people and would love to ask some of them for their skills to flow into my project. Besides the producer i already found a designer for the Artwork and got to book one featuring. With your help i hope to get even more friends on board.


The finances...

I’m aiming vor quite an amount and this is what i will be able to do with it:

  • Boulder Studios: In a first phase i will spend a few days at the studio with Jonas to listen to my demos, interpret and arrange them new with software instruments. Later on we record vocals and live instruments. Then the tracks will be mixed, listened to, mixed again and eventually mastered.
  • CD: The plan is to produce a 1000 CD’s in some sweet cardboard-sleves.
  • Artwork: The CD and cover will be designed by a good friend of mine who is a creative genius!
  • Guest-Artists: I’m pumped to bring some talented singers, rappers, musicians… to the studio!
  • We make it: This platform gives me a great opportunity and deserves it’s share.
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